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To get and instant quote or to sign up for a plan online click on one of the options bellow.


The above link will send you to a web page that will help view your subsidized plan options.  Once you have decided on a plan it will have you set up an account and then link you to the government site healthcare.gov to fill in your information and then link you back to complete your enrolment in your selected health Insurance plan. 

When you are filling in the your information on the government site, it will ask if you are receiving help applying for coverage.  Make sure and fill in the following information.

1. Click on Agent or Broker 
2. for Name enter: Mark M Webster
3. for FFM User ID enter: EarnItAgent
4. for NPN number enter: 16266566

This will make me your agent so that I can help you with your insurance when you have questions or issues.

Make sure and call me when you are ready to select a plan so I can help you understand the different coverages.  My number is 1-855-EEARN-IT-2 or 1-801-693-1523.

If you would like to see if you qualify for help paying your health insurance and does involve healthcare.gov please:

If you prefer to have health insurance that does not involve healthcare.gov and does not receive help paying for your coverage please:

Insurance can be a challenge to understand.  Helping you understand how you are covered, and getting the most protection for your money, is our priority.  Just click the button to schedule a free consultation. 

Open EnrolLment for individual health  insurance is November ​1st, to december 15th. 

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